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Технология Pyplok

The Pyplok without welding gives customer such advantages as:

  • PYPLOK fittings can be consistently installed in the field at a rate of approximately 10 times faster than equivalent weld connections.
  • Tamper proof; PYPLOK is designed as a permanent joint.
  • Risk of fire or explosion due to hot work is eliminated.
  • No fumes or smoke are produced, eliminating the need for special ventilation and creating a safer environment particularly in confined spaces.
  • No hazardous materials are used in the process, created by the process or required to be disposed of after the process is complete.
  • No welding or grinding is required thus reducing the potential for injuries.
  • Fabrication of piping systems utilizing PYPLOK fittings are “intrinsically” safe since no torches, open flames or sparks are associated with installation or maintenance.

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