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Dostar Energy Solutions company provides complex engineering solutions in such industries as:


Dostar Energy Solutions provides engineering and commercial service in a field of steam and condensate systems as well as installation and supply of PYPLOK® fittings.

Dostar Energy Solutions Company is an official distributor of PYPLOK® and ARMSTRONG INTERNATIONAL in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

ARMSTRONG INTERNATIONAL – Extensive practical experience in operation of steam and condensate system allows us to develop effective action plan for a customers in the area of energy efficiency, using only necessary innovative solutions. Significant OPEX and manufacturing savings are achievable due to economy in Utilities.

PYPLOK® - The team of certified engineers and fitters are able to install pipelines with Pyplok fittings. We offer high quality and reliable pipes installation with Pyplok. This method is equivalent to butt-welding. The installation is not less than 5 times quicker comparing with welding.


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Cost minimization with Pyplok

Сравнение установки бессварочных соединений Pyplok и сварки


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Armstrong steam traps
Armstrong — it is, first of all, very diversified product line of steam traps for different condensate systems