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As a global leader in steam and condensate products, Armstrong is on the forefront of technology and innovation. Our development and introduction of groundbreaking products continues to result in superior, intelligent solutions, such as our: SAGE™ steam dashboard and database management software, AIM® and SteamEye® wireless monitoring systems, and Steam QM-1 and Steam QM-3 steam quality monitors. We also offer Verabar® and Accelabar® for the most consistent, accurate and reliable steam flow monitoring.

More than a century of in-depth knowledge and experience enables us to manage your steam and condensate requirements better than anyone in the world. Armstrong provides reliable, hardworking products that trap steam, and much more. We can help you drain liquids from gases and vent gases from liquids, across a wide range of fluids. We provide pressure and temperature control products, condensate pumps, strainers, isolation valves, and refrigeration system purgers to keep your systems working efficiently and effectively. Armstrong also offers packaged system solutions, ranging from pressure reduction stations to steam distribution and condensate collection manifolds and condensate recovery systems.  

Armstrong products consistently deliver best-in-class quality, longevity and value. We provide outstanding technical support and service, as well as training and education through Armstrong University. Our factory-trained sales representatives are backed by Armstrong's in-house specialists, so we are always ready to assist you, even with the most difficult requirements. 

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